Welcome to Korvosa, heroes!

Not only is Korvosa an up-and-coming city in Varisia, the recent marriage of the aging King Eodred Arabasti II to his (noticibly younger) queen, Ileosa, has given many in Korvosa hope that a royal line will continue beyond the first king for the first time in many years.

Despite that, it is a haunted place for you, for somewhere in the city lives a heinous scoundrel, Gaedren Lamm. He has wronged each of you, somehow, but you want vengence. And, as if the gods were listening to your silent rage, you each found a curious item- A Harrow card, (known to you as a fortune telling device from the nomadic Varisians) with a message to meet other like-minded people for a quest. Gaedren’s Hideout has been found, and while the Korvosan Guard would just drag thier feet, a small group of vigilantes might just get the job done.

Curse of the Crimson Throne - LU